Freedom is legal.

     Thinking is courage.

     Beauty is ever present.

Everything started with an idea of a festival without advertisements, slogans and plastic, without conveyor music and artificial trends. A cosmic culture festival, where music, art and we are in harmony with nature.

Where each of us is both - the creator and the created.

Without consumption of entertainment, flat bonds, lazy clichés, paltering transactions and privatization. An idea of a place free from ready-made conceptions that replace thinking - a place where we all are participants rather than just guests or consumers.

And then the idea of a festival became a new way of thinking.

Imagine a world that engages, not separates, that encourages, not stifles. Where live music unfolds the wonder of the world, where artists are not indifferent towards reality and where beauty is magically born by us being together. A world where art and music is not produced and marketed, but comes as the only possible answer for the creative urge to pass a message. Where creativity is not an industry packaged as startups and ad-wards, but lives within you as a bright and miraculous energy. Where impersonal cynicism and dominance over your mind and taste dissolves and the customary programme ceases to function.

This festival can become something more - a Comet for travelling the earth and dreaming of a new world. Daugavgrīva fortress shall become a natural, autonomous territory, an erogenous zone and oasis for rituals. It can be a collective dream, meditation of truth and a moment for remembering your natural force. If you feel as being a part of something bigger, if you know that we are One, you are one of us already, without teaching or persuading.

Komēta comes as an event that has not happened yet, as a rebellious celebration, ritual of freedom, where we can magically create the reality together instead of surrendering to inescapable humdrum.

                                      We are radical.

                                      We are shameless.

                                      We are alive.

We invite to free the consciousness socially, economically, ecologically, sensually and spiritually. The times of standing aside are over. Let Komēta be a cosmic festival, a crack in the calendar, a wonder that is bound to happen.

Busses nr. 3, 30, 56 and minibus nr. 246 will take you to Daugavgrivas fortress.

Find the schedules here:


Ielūdzam rīdziniekus un vietējos iedzīvotājus Daugavgrīvas cietokšņa nākotnes apspriešanu.

Videointervijas ar vietējiem iedzīvotājiem.
Vincent Moon retrospekcija Kinoteātrī Mēness.
Uzstāsies grupas:
Jāņa Ruņģa klātbūtne
Gatis Ziema un karaliskā dekadence
Northern C
Uz skatuvēm Marss, Galaktika un Venēra iespēja iepazīties ar festivāla diskžokejiem

Daugavgrīvas cietoksnis atvērts no 11:00 līdz 17:00
Ieeja brīva.


World stage is a central place for the evening sessions, where musicians from all around the globe will be performing in very different styles and traditions. This is a place, where the music trip around the world will let as get out of geografical context and hear more widely.

Showcasing musicians and DJs from Argentina, USA, Brazil, Canada, Belarus, Germany, Turkey, Lithuania and Latvia, the club Galáctica will serve as a bridge between the traditional and the modern, crossing continents and musical styles with danceable fusion music that has had undeservedly little exposure in Latvia. Some of the brightest stars in Galáctica will represent ethno-electronic music from Latin America and other regions which blends folk traditions, sounds of nature and different rhythms from all corners of the world with electronic music of various genres, taking listeners on a musical journey around the globe and at the same time delighting with exquisite electronic music. The club Galáctica will also have a special place for dub and reggae, initially regional musical styles which have earned worldwide recognition and have had various incarnations in electronic music.

The Black Hole is a format created by artist and leader of Totaldobže Kaspars Lielgalvis. The Black Hole is a interdisciplinar meeting point in order to experiment, improvise and enjoy. Festival will encourage all the artists and participants to join in the Black Hole.

The Black Hole stage will also host some of the most interesting upcoming musical projects of the Baltics in collaboration with Music Observation organization (MOO) and Lena Sme.

Mars symbolizes energy and activity. It’s impulsive, strong, dynamic and primal. Mars speaks to the power and confident expression of the individual. Gathering electronic dance music DJs and underground culture pioneers with friends from Germany, Sweden, Baltics and more with great experience in projects and festivals that have inspired us. We have a program for you to get lost in music and dance. Colourful and eclectic journeys will be delivered to you DJs and very special live performances which will take you to another dimension.

MOON cinema will host a 72h retrospection by french documentary filmmaker Vincent Moon on the musical traditions and rites of various cultures. www.vincentmoon.com

This is a place for chill-out with ambient music, tea ceremonies and peaceful vibes. Take your hammock with you.

The festival will also open its KOMĒTA ACADEMY - space for thought experiments, freedom of discussion and dangerous questions to spark alternative thoughts, actions and lifestyles. One of the guest speakers will be Jan Ritsema, a dutch theatre director, choreographer and publicist who founded the experimental artist residency Performing Arts Forum in France which gives space for exchange and practice for 700 artists every year.

Urban lab STAR will engage festival participants alongside professional urbanists and architects in modeling future visions for Daugavgrīva fortress, so after three days of festival we will unite all the ideas and make a proposal for Authorities.


A pioneer in all things underground in Estonia, Raul Saaremets aka Ajukaja has a seriously
legitimate body of work dating back to the late 80­ies as a DJ, producer, label owner, band
member, radio host and a long­time Mutant Disco party­thrower clocking over 500 hours and
200 guests since 1997. As a producer, he has produced two weird and wonderful EPs for
the London­based label Levels as well as having powerful edits under his belt like Benga
Benga ­ a track that never leaves Four Tet’s record bag. A man with such a skill set and
experience will surely deliver a fine sonic trip.

Alienated Hurt

Not really French, not really Czech, not really German, not really Latvian. Somewhat a nomad, a little bit a pirate but more like a citizen of the world, currently stationed in Hamburg and feeling most at home somewhere between two kicks and a clap.
Experimenting with sound in the realms of electronic dance music with a minimalistic approach to house and techno, carefully crafted soul soothing beats, sometimes broken but always honest.
Alienated Hurt, an anagram of his real name, comes equipped with a live set of fresh and mostly unheard material with music to be released on his own label later this year.


Transformation of Daugavgrivas fortress ruins / buildings.

Anna Žabicka

"Good Death"
Can death be good and why it is important to talk about it even when we are afraid.

Ansis Ataols Bērziņš

"Contradiction in relation with guilt and honour in culture and justice"
My generation grew up reading novels and stories expressing idealistic view on what it means to act with honour. In this talk we will talk about what happens when you participate in a criminal process in Latvia with this insight.
This talk will be held through Skype, because Ansis is currently not in exile. Why - this will also be a part of this conversation.


Promoter of tropical music in Latvia since 2006 and fearless to unknown sounds and deep bass frequencies, Antarah, as part of the DJ duo “Crystal Sound System”, has been filling up dance floors from local festivals to South America and the Caribbean. At Komēta Festival, Antarah will treat the audience to a deep yet modern dub / reggae set.


Artis is a passionate selector whose music speaks for himself. He holds a residency in ONE ONE club and can play some truly irresistable dance grooves as well as perfectly chilled out sets that make you get lost. Thanks to his careful selection and elegant transitions he is one of our favorites and will close the Mars stage on Friday in style.

Artūrs Jansons

"Reincarnation of Sustainability or Life Between Lāsma and Mother-in-Law"
Non-scientific reflections on how homo vulgaris can become a homo ecos, what challenges it faces and why it should be done at all.


„Bezgalībieši” aizsākas ar ierakstu sesijām 2012.g. janvārī, ieskaņojot AG galvā salidojušās senatnīgās melōdijas ar pieaicinātu instrumentālistu piedalīšanos. Kad izrādās, ka tapušais materiāls sākotnējam mērķim nav piemērots, tas tiek ‘ielikts plauktā’ - ar domu pie tā vēl kādreiz noteikti atgriezties.

Birds Ov Paradise

With background in noise music, sound‐art and multimedia installations, Gothenburg‐based
artist David Sabel creates dark, dreamy and hypnotic grooves in his Birds Ov Paradise
project. From dark to light, from tonal to atonal and from minimal to maximal. Expect a deep
journey in sound. The first 12‐inch record by Birds ov Paradise was released this year on
Gothenburg label Jens Records, with 2 more releases coming out this year. His live sets use a
combination of analogue synthesizers and samplers.

Bombey & Countour

Bombey & Countour are well known selectors, collecting and exporing everything about music since 90s. Over this time they have acquired a vast collection of records from jazz, world, electronic and experimental music. They have a story about every record and when they are playing these records they connect these stories to make an exciting journey for the listener where many cultures from different periods of time meet and make you dance as well as think.

Chez Mieke

Chez Mieke likes cosmic jazz, post rock and instrumental hip hop. In her sets songs work like tracks, and beats roll like narratives. Her fusions are all her own. She doesn’t care if you follow her, but she smiles when you dance. Her selections are dreamlike and personal. Every record she plays has passed through her listening heart.
Beads of bass flow into the innermost echo chamber of the solar plexus. Spectral melodies undulate back and forth between sturnian children's choir and glass bead zither games. Sun Ra sits next to Alice Coltrane at the interplanetary organ harp. Gonjasufi shares a hypnagogic tea with a flying lotus. Beth Gibbons, Mark Hollis and Vini Reilly huddle under a shoegaze blanket, slurping codeine sirup while floating down the milky way on a bamboo flute raft. Chez Mieke takes them all by the hand and dances with them paradiseward in a tail of stars.

Contact Field Orchestra

Contact Field Orchestra is produced by Southern California artist and musician Damon Aaron. In 2008 he came across a box of 7" tapes at an estate sale in Altadena that turned out to be field recordings of a turn-of-the century orchestra of ex-miners; recorded almost entirely with hand-made instruments and contact microphones. This became the source material for a collection of celebrated releases with Hit+Run.

CFO has also appeared on Giles Peterson's seminal compilation series "Brownswood Bubblers"(Volume 10), and contributed to Ninja Tune's popular "Solid Steel" mix.

CFO'S latest edition, "Mapping The Futures Gone By" , furthers their exploration of dubby broken percussion and haunting found sounds. Sirens and lasers accent plaintive woodwind arrangements set against mbiras and bluesy guitars. Fitting in a time and place that's uniquely its own, MTFGB is a travelogue to a lucid dream, a mining expedition or a trip to space - somehow nostalgic and familiar, yet somehow not at all.


DakhaBrakha is a world-music quartet from Kyiv, Ukraine. Reflecting fundamental elements of sound and soul, Ukrainian “ethnic chaos” band DakhaBrakha, create a world of unexpected new music.
The name DakhaBrakha is original, outstanding and authentic at the same time. It means “give and take” in the old Ukrainian language.


Resurrection of the Northen Hexagon

Domenique Dumont

Domenique Dumont is one of the rare occasions in this overly connected world that the music somehow comes first, the fact that this is really a Latvian act, not a French or even a Caribbean one – that is for ourselves to cherish.

Dorian Wood

Los Angeles-based artist DORIAN WOOD is "armed with a vocal charisma that would befit a preacher and an experimental streak that would make avant-gardists swoon" (WNYC Culture).


Active in music from early age, in 2010 Dübelu started making music that invites us to change the way we feel music and to let our metaphysical bodies be sent to another place, closing your eyes and imagining being able to travel from the Amazon to Africa. Spiritual chants, birds chirping, rhythmic percussion, wind blowing and out-of-body experiences are some examples of what you might encounter on your journey with Dübelu. His music draws every living energy into a single entitity in a single frequency on the dancefloor.


"The blue version" of Riga.

Eli Pavel

Eli is DJing since 1995 and working at OYE Records, Berlin, specializing in afrobeats. She loves a mix of tuff starting from indie and reggae to hip hop, drum&bass, 2step mashed with disco, funk and afrobeat. She connects different styles in her sets while keeping lots of bass and interesting breaks. This free and eclectic approach helps her in being a resident at Berlin’s Afroparty VULKADANCE. Eli is a real vinyl tigger and true selector, drunk with music.

Elvi Soulsystems

Elvi Soulsystems is a DJ and music producer ELVI (half of ELVI/DUNIAN) from Riga. He does not possess a sound system like the Jamaicans do but he does love to find the soul in dance music. The soul rises out of jazz, boogie, techno records, out of rap music, funk, disco and moreover - house music. Soulsystems mostly plays very loud but he also feels the moments when the music is only a reasons for people to have their conversations a little louder. He plays in clubs and other places. Soulsystems calls his style the “ugly mix” (with a conscious reference to Mr. Theo Parrish), because during a set we may hear a lot of music in combinations that we thought was not possible before. There is an unpredictability factor involved. Soulsystems has performed abroad, as well as before and after various famous people.


Music is a subject that is constantly evolving from uncountable influences. In order to understand the history, emotions and structures of certain periods and their musical output, Esclé decided to go on a seemingly and hopefully never ending research. Mostly focusing on analogue, organic and band produced music his sets can vary from psychedelic rock, ethno, tribal, funk, disco, early and current electronic and many other genres from all over the world.
His main effort is the work as a culture creator and curator in several projects mostly based on music history and forward thinking culture.

Et Kin

Etkin Cekin is a singer and guitarist of “Farfara”, not the herbaceous plant from the “Asteraceae” family but the “postkraut psychédélic” band from Istanbul/Berlin.
ET KIN has Turkish origins and that’s where he was initiated to music. He wanders and floats yet between Berlin and Istanbul. He's contributed to l’ACUD MACHT NEU, an art and music Center in the middle of Berlin. His fascination for the momentaneous conscious flux, as he names it himself, pushes him insatiably towards a physical exploration of his instruments, made of collage, loops and etheral juxtapositions.
Et Kin produces an ecstatic music, the strong and real oceanic feeling you get out from the alterated stratum.


The role of Bolderāja in the context of Riga

Fog Puma

Honestly, it can’t get any more relaxing and dreamy than a Fog Puma mix. He’s got the capability to turn even the grayest Berlin winter days into a hammock hangout on a dream island at least for one or two hours. His sets are percussive, dubby, psychedelic and most likely driving relaxed in slower to mid tempo areas.

Lately he is hosting the series “Mystic Moods” at Berlin’s Klunkerkranich. Also he is a regular at such clubs as Kater Blau, Rummelsbucht, Sisyphos and bunch of others, as well as playing at Fusion and Nation Of Gondwana. For Berlin’s alternative Pi-Radio he’s hosting „Abendlandung“ once a month where he airs what he loves.

Giriu Dvasios

Girių Dvasios is a dub-techno, electronic dub and ambient music project started in early 2009 by Evaldas Azbukauskas, the founder of Cold Tear Records . The name of the project means “The Spirits of The Woods” in Lithuanian. The sound of Girių Dvasios is inspired by ancient Baltic culture and the nature of this area - thick forests of Lithuania.


Guretsky started collecting records in 2000. Since 2003 when he started spinning in clubs, his focus has mainly been on house and techno music. Up until now he has played in numerous events and currently is a resident at a club ONE ONE. Guretsky is someone who recognizes a fine groove when he hears one.

Gustavs Strenga

"The Past: Burden or an Asset? Case Study of Historical Spaces in Riga."

This lecture will be about the attitudes towards the past and how it has manifested in historical spaces. How the past is used to abuse spaces. Is the past curse for modern society? Case studies based in uses and abuses of past in Riga will be presented.


Heincha has been a purveyor of fine and groovy dance music since the mid 90′s, growing up and getting into DJing simultaneously with the explosion of the rave scene in Latvia. Since that time his journey into the world of dance music has led him through such stylistic benchmarks as Detroit, techno, minimal, deep and tech-house, funk, breaks, electroclash among others. Currently Heincha’s is up to deep and cosmic yet funky vibes - be that disco, house, techno, acid or 80's synth music. Sometimes he prefers taking a rather eclectic path, considering that all the technical categories become meaningless in front of music that evokes emotional or intellectual response.
Although Heincha currently resides in Luxemburg, he still has strong ties with the electronic dance music scene in Latvia and can be regularly seen DJing there. Apart from digging and mixing up other producers' records, Heincha enjoys making his own rhythms and beats.

Ilva Skulte & Normunds Kozlovs

“The Subcultural Aesthetic Strategies as a Response to Technological Challenges: Towards Steam-punk Philosophy”

India Jivaeva

"Meditation - Effortless Existence"


"Journey back and forth"


Currently based in Berlin, Intiche (inti: “sun” in Quechua language, che: “people” in Mapuche language) is a native of Argentina, with family roots in Basque country, Morocco and the indigenous people of Pehuenche, who has a deep connection with Pachamama, Mother Earth, and has honed his skills in electronic music from a young age.

Jan Ritsema

''Ditch the Ritch''

Jāņa Ruņģa klātbūtne

"Jāņa Ruņģa Klātbūtne" parādās, uzzibsnī, pazūd, meklē lietu dziļāko būtību, dzejo un klejo līdz katrs dzīves mirklis kļūst aizvien pilnīgāks un blīv-asinīgāks. Šoreiz Jānis būs viens ar saviem ģitāras elpas vilcieniem ierastā trio vietā. Kas tas ir un kā tas skan? Grūti prognozēt, jo dažreiz pats mākslinieks atstāj vietu nezināmajam un kaut kam improvizatoriskam.

Jānis Filks

"Restoring our Life's Link to the Soul of the World"


Daugavgrivas fortress development game: Daugavgriva 2030

JVLMA Ethno Jazz Combo

Etno + Jazz ir īpašs projekts, kurā satiekas Jāzepa Vītola Latvijas Mūzikas Akadēmijas divu nodaļu – etnomuzikoloģijas un džeza – studenti. Kopā viņi izveidoja programu, kas apvieno dažādu tautu melodijas ar džeza mūzikas stilistiku, oriģinālkompozīcijas, tautas instrumentus un elektroniskus efektus.


The self-proclaimed ambassador of Latin American ethno-electronic music is a fresh breeze of air in the Latvian music scene whose sets, merging such exotic hybrid-genres as Andes-step, folktronica, cumbia digital, dembow, moombahton, kuduro, sloth disco, tribal etc., take listeners on a groovy, shamanic, primordial, melodically energetic journey in time and space around South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Kaspar Kondrat

One of the most prominent Latvian DJs in the last decade - Kaspar Kondrat put his mark in Riga’s nightlife around 2004, when he became a resident at the club Essential. Over the years, he has played a variety of different genres - from house to techno and trance to chill, without clinging to one genre in particular. This was also reflected in the broadcast KWADRAT CONCEPT he ran that was aired on Riga radio (R.I.P.). He also has numerous events in collaboration with Propeller Productions under his belt. At Komēta Kaspar will please us with some dance music on MARS and flying sounds on VENUS.

Kaspars Zālītis

"Is it Time for the Revolution of Love?"
Last years have brought a great progress in the field of human rights including LGBT rights protection, however, at the same time both in Latvia and globally several political forces are steering the ship back to "medieval" times by trying to restrict the freedom of choice, gathering and speech. What can we do to fight for our freedom and the freedom of those around us? Is it time for a revolution?

Kaspars Zellis

“History and Propaganda: Past, Present and Future”
How the totalitarian regimes in Latvia in the 20th century used past in their propaganda. What have we adopted from these constructs and what challenges might it bring to us in the future.

Lāsma Ozola

"Healthy Environment - Healthy Plants - Healthy Animals - Healthy Human"
How our eating habits influence our health and everything around us.

Linda Curika

"Is Feminism a Privilege?"


The german musician, producer and DJ M.RUX has been part of several projects and numerous collaborations. Known for his remixes and DJ sets around the German capital, he is more than just “a sample guy”. As a live act he performs his beats by finding a resounding way to combine analog and digital rhythm patterns with misty atmospheres, film samples and absurd breaks at the right time, resolving in nodding heads, astonished ears and shuffling feet.
M.RUX has been released by labels like YNFND, Biesentales Records, Shitkatapult,
Kindisch and Circus Company.


Malork is a true undeground spirit with the right attitude and work ethics. He has played in the best electronic nightclubs in Riga, as well as organised events with his friends that have brought to Riga very talanted and respected guests from abroad. His sets are combination of his own tracks, his vinyl collection and fresh digital tracks. His sounds stretches from minimal to house, breakbeat to techno, ambient to easy listening. The atmosphere that Malork creates is multiflorous and develops into new forms that hypnotise the listeners. He has been producing actively for few years now and plans to release his debut vinyl in the near future.


Noema is a sound shaman, producer and DJ offering a unique blend of transcultural slow jams, dubby disco and psychedelic house, combined in a highly energetic mix. Currently based in Berlin, Noema has found a second home in Brazil where he feels a deep connection to the music that has influenced his vibe immensely.
The absorbing dramaturgies of his DJ sets, known for organic, sexy journeys and trippy-shizzle-galore frenzies of psychedelic rhythm, take the dancers through various tempos and styles to dionysian frenzy.

Northern C


Olga Procevska

“Metaphors We (Unconsciously) Live by: Attending to the Unattended Speech”


"I would like to invite you to the No Problem Saloon
It is just a place full of no problems
Put on your dancing shoes in the No Problem Saloon"
Such is the enigmatic message which ushers us into the kaleidoscopic new album by incomparable Berlin-based band OY, aka Swiss-Ghanaian vocalist & musician Joy Frempong and drummer & producer Lleluja-Ha.


POLLYTIKK, by her real name Polina Tikk, is a Russian singer, songwriter and musician living in Berlin. Lending her catching voice to original songs, she is gaining attention through harmonic yet disturbing storytelling whose influences can be found somewhere between PJ Harvey and David Bowie. On stage she impresses with her eloquent high and confident deep voice and a peculiar 4-string guitar.

Riga Record Dig

Riga Record Dig is an open community of enthusiasts of vinyl records and all other things related to it, run by Yuri and Artem. Both are dedicated collectors and experienced enough to show their expertise to anyone who might be interested. They are responsible for series of lectures dedicated to every tiny side of the world of records and some occasional and intentional markets and meetings. Even though their musical preferences are wild and far enough from each other, it is always plenty of moments which may perfectly fit interests of every music lover. For Kometa they will prepare special dj-set with cross genre selection of their current favourites.

Riga Reggae

Apvienība Riga Reggae sevi uz mūzikas skatuves
pieteikusi tikai 2014. gadā, taču kopš šī brīža ir arī
aktīvākā sava žanra pārstāve Latvijā. Grupa parasti
muzicē 7 vīru sastāvā, izpildot gan savas, gan citu autoru
kompozīcijas. Nereti projekta līderi Horens un Speiss
sniedz akustiskus koncertus, kā arī abi ir aktīvi dīdžeji,
kuri atskaņo regeju dažādos pasākumos un klubos. Tas
viss kopā arī ir apvienība Riga Reggae jeb latviski
pozitīvas vibrācijas Jamaikā dzimušos ritmos.

Rocky Dawuni

International music star and humanitarian activist Rocky Dawuni straddles the boundaries between Africa, the Caribbean and the U.S. to create an appealing sound that unites generations and cultures.


Having shared the stage with artists like Rebel MC, Remarc, Aries, Jacky Murda, J Bostron, B-man, DJ LAB, Osci, Tropmanga, Biome, Occult to name a few, SairaM is still true to vinyl, the amen break and dub vibes after almost 10 years of playing.


Founder of Goldmund, the eclectic, comfortable and wandering base for essential musical performers around the turn of the millennium.
As a musician he lends his lips to the ethereal harps of random noises, projects, turntables, vacuumcleaners, letters and bands (Stereo De Luxe, They Came from the Stars (I Saw Them), Girls United, Air Cushion Finish).
As a DJ, with his former partner the Mono Kid, he started the slo-mo dance movement in and around Berlin, as well as playing 15-hours long forest-lake-beach-sets of heartbreaking music from all over the heartbroken world.

Sandra Jakušonoka

"There is no Museum Here"
"There is no museum here!", "Digging not allowed", "Warning shot" are some of the actions that the artist collective Bolderājas grupa have implemented in Daugavgrīva fortress during the time of impossible changes (1999 - 2014). We have returned to build a museum without walls once again.

Sandris Ādminis

"The Crown of Nature and Other Animals"

Since ancient times we know that everything in this world has been made for us. Trees for our houses and fire, furry animals for clothes, pigs for meat, horses for riding, cows for milk, geese for foie gras and our pillows, women for their husbands and giving birth. Our habits, traditions and power structures make sure that we never forget this. At the same time an independent thought is becoming more and more popular and gradually but radically it is changing both the way we treat other humans as well as other species.


Beginning his musical career as an instrumentalist and composer Argentinian Nicolas Bruschi soon discovered the digital possibilities that led to creation of the project called SidiRum, which on the one hand explores Latin American rhythms like cumbia and Argentinian folk music and on the other hand - dub, space sounds, groove, and electronic synthesizers and beat-making.


From muted jazz, to dynamic and direct punk rock rhythms - this is the range in which these musicians freely orients.


Skiller was born 1988 in Sofia, Bulgaria and is current Beatbox World Champion! Known as the “fast mouth” from the east, he has brought the art of beatboxing to mass attention in Bulgaria. He is the first National Beatbox Champion (2007). Despite his age he has been on stage in countries like: Germany, Japan, England, Russia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Greece and others.


It’s been a while now since SpatzHabibi was only an insider tip, shared between a small number of well-informed audiophiles and music nerds. With probably most multifarious collection of vinyl in Berlin, the Anglo-German duo (Sophie Funke and Pete Littlewood) quickly outgrew the local club scene and went on to conquer festival dance floors and underground parties across the Europe.


Viens no Skaņu meža radio pārraides, kas klausāma radio NABA viļņos katru otro otrdienu, autoriem.


Stereobeaver is a Belarusian DJ and producer currently based in Vilnius (Lithuania). He has been pushing European, Latin American and African tropical sound in Belarus and Lithuania over the last 6 years. Stereobeaver is one of the Hangover Mixtapes series author for the Belarusian multimedia magazine 34mag.net and part of Tropical Soundclash collective hosting a radioshow on national radio LRT Opus 3.
Multigenre and mash-up approach makes his DJ sets sound diverse and unexpected.

Tadas Quazar

Tadas Quazar is a well know fixture in Lithianian nightlife. Starting from legendary Monday Jazz collective activities to a strong residency in Vilnius best nightclub Opium he has performed with an epic listing of key artists in electronic music scene from all over the world. He doesn’t take himself too serously, loves to have a laugh and spin radical tracks at night.


Tautumeitas's music is created by six voices and six pairs of hands owned by Latvian girls, who believe that music makes the world better. The principal interest of the group is traditional singing, especially multipart singing.

Trashy Kid

Since 2010 TRASHY KID has been actively working in the field of electronic music in Riga. By organising events and playing countless DJ sets, he fulfils the need to share his musical vision with others. Years of experience has made it possible for him to break the barriers between different genres so in his DJ sets you will experience an eclectic journey full of surprises where all styles blend organically. Known for an easy going and relaxed attitude on and off the stage. TRASHY KID is happy when a good music is played loudly.

Uncle Sample

Andrey Eigus since 2000 is known as +371 Records owner and producer named Selffish who fuses easy rhythms and weird sounds into night melodies. Selffish has released 3 LPs for labels Lagunamuch and Thinner, also he has made number of remixes and contributions for complilations for labels in Latvia and abroad. When DJing, he goes by the name of Uncle Sample, presenting his favorite records of different styles from his collection to the listener. He strongly believes in subtleness and musicality between the notes and tries to refresh his repertoire with forgotten sounds of the second part of the last century.

Vieux Farka Toure

Vieux was initially a drummer / calabash player at Mali’s Institut National des Arts, but secretly began playing guitar in 2001. Ali Farka Touré was weakened with cancer when Vieux announced that he was going to record an album. Ali recorded a couple of tracks with him, and these recordings, which can be heard on Vieux’s debut CD, were amongst his final ones.

Vincent Moon

Vincent Moon (real name Mathieu Saura, born August 25, 1979) is an independent filmmaker from Paris. He was the main director of the Blogotheque's Take Away Shows, a web-based project recording field work music videos of indie rock related musicians as well as some notable mainstream artists like Tom Jones, R.E.M., or Arcade Fire.


Vytautas (dj Weedska) started his DJ career back in 2006 and has become one of the leading Latin/Tropical music DJs in the Baltic region and beyond, covering all possible musical genres and traditions from Latin America, Caribbean and Africa. He has earned credibility as a vinyl collector, tropical deejay and writer, promoting tropical music in Lithuania and beyond with his mixes, club and open­air festival appearances and a weekly radio show “Tropical Soundclash” on Lithuanian National broadcaster LRT Opus.

Wolde Egziabher

Wolde Egziabher is a roots reggae and dub soundsystem located in Vilnius, Lithuania, playing music from old to new tunes. Having exprience of more than 10 years playing with different sounds, 3 years ago Wolde Egziabher launched their own sound and travelled all over Lithuania and Latvia and played alongside such artists as Idren Natural, Brother Culture, Sammy Dreadlocks, Kala Soundsystem and many others. Wolde Egziabher also runs their own studio and producing music, which is coming out soon on various labels.

Yemen Blues

Yemen Blues was founded by Ravid in 2010, a then rising star in Israel who grew up in a traditional Yemenite family. He learned the language and the traditional chants of his origin, and then extended his influences in the areas of Blues, Funk, Classic Opera singing as well North & West African soul.



Curator of the Galactica stage from the Pachamama constellation


The provider of translations from VENUS.


Scenography of Kometa is scared of her


The activist of musicians rights and champion of snowboarding down the paper hills


Wannabe clown


The coder of the milky way internet


Dancer of the images and graphics


Operator of the transit platform of texts into Space


She makes sure the artists get to Nirvana..


Wizzard of closed door opening and director of the festival


The hobbit of getting the territory beautiful


General of the healthy food


Founder of MOO and Black Hole curator


Founder of Totaldobže art center and the master of ceremony of The Black Hole stage


Chef of Kometa Academy


Children's nest builder and so much more


The arhivist of making of of making of


Healthy troublemaker and the Queen of the Stronghold


Creator of order in Daugavgriva stronhold and Magician of World stage


Curator of dance floor Mars, where he will perform as well


All the transportation engines follow him


Technical master of Daugavgriva Stronghold and guide


Curator of Kometa academy


Captain of the graphic design ship



Mums reiz teica, ka paēdot AUSTRĀ cilvēks jūtas mīlēts.
Jā, tā ir, jo mēs mīlam ēdienu. Vienlīdz gardi pagatavosim tev gan gaļas , gan veģetāru vai pat vegānisku maltīti un pacienāsim ar svaigu, pašceptu maizi ! Galvenajā lomā šeit tik tiešām ir ēdiens.


NeZvērs ir jauno kulināru apvienība, kurā darbojās Agate, Katrīna un Viktorija (no kreisās). Visi NeZvēra ēdieni ir augu izcelsmes - dārzeņi, augļi, sēnes, graudaugi, pākšaugi, zirnīši, rieksti, sēklas un garšvielas ir galvenās vegāniskā „fastfūda” sastāvdaļas, un uzsvars tiek likts uz vietējo produkciju. NeZvēra atpazīstamības zīme ir sulīgi vegāniski burgeri, kas apmierina pat nezvēra apetīti!

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Kaņepes Kultūras centrs

aņepes Kultūras centrs ir ēka Skolas ielā 15, kuras būvprojekts apstiprināts 1895. gadā, arhitekts Rudolph Heinrich Zirkwitz. Ēka piedzīvojusi aristokrātiskas Rīgas baltvācu un krievu ģimeņu sarunas, pieredzējusi sevī daudz bohēmas Brīvvalsts laikā, kad kvartāla stūri apdzīvoja Mākslas akadēmijas un RTU studenti, līdz beidzot šeit pusgadsimtu mācījušies vairāki tūkstoši bērni un jaunieši, kas katru dienu piepildīja šo ēku ar SKAŅU. Jāzepa Mediņa mūzikas skola no šīs ēkas pārvācās uz citām telpām, jo Rīgas Dome pieņēma lēmumu daudzas savā pārvaldībā esošas iestādes no privātīpašumiem pārcelt uz pašvaldības ēkām. Divus gadus šī ēka pavadīja tumsā un bez siltuma.

Kaņepes Kultūras centra misija ir analizēt “latvietību”, tās atslēga - multikulturālisms kā retā recepte informācijas laikmeta plūsmā spēt ieraudzīt sevī atšķirīgo, tātad svarīgo pasaules mērogā. Atskatoties uz kopējo notikumu klāstu un straujo virzību, ticam, ka esam nepieciešama kultūras iniciatīva, kura ir būtisks Rīgas kultūras dzīves vaibsts.

KKc darbības mērķis ir izcelt no pamestības un renovēt skaisto ēku Skolas ielā 15, saglabājot tās vēsturiskās un saturiskās vērtības, un atgriezt Rīgai un rīdziniekiem publiski pieejamu zaļu oāzi pilsētas centrā Skolas un Lāčplēša ielas krustojumā.

Aktīvi reaģējam uz dažādiem notikumiem, tāpēc spējam uzņemt centra telpās pasākumus, kuru norise nav iepriekš vairākus mēnešus plānota.